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7 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Tools

  1. These look great. Can you also find time in my busy life for me to check them out??


    • These tools were added to my blog when we were at ISV for the AGQTP professional learning day with Tom March. He compiled them originally on his blog, and allowed us to cut and paste them to ours. Did you and Rae use some of these tools at your ISV session?


  2. Related to edmodo but this is a post from one of the groups I follow which might be useful to the science teachers group.

    The Backpack TV Publisher Community just launched on Edmodo. Lots of excellent videos from top notch schools and teachers, including:

    23andMe – biology videos
    60second Recap – language arts videos
    Bozeman Science – biology, chemistry, and physics videos
    integralCALC – calculus videos
    Interactive Biology – biology videos
    Khan Academy – history, math, science, and economics videos
    PatrickJMT – math videos
    The National Archives – history videos
    Yay Math – algebra and geometry videos
    Your Math Gal – math videos


    • Thanks Phil for letting me know about these resources! I’ll pass the information on to the science teachers. I’ll explore a little for myself too.


  3. Hey Sandra, just discovered your ASV site… wow, impressive! Have just played with Prezi for the first time… how cool!!


  4. Thank you! Yes Prezi is very cool isn’t it! Students love working with it, as it’s much more engaging and interactive than ppt etc. Some of the other tools are really interesting as well. Have you used ‘Ether Pad – Write with me’? You can have a group typing on to the same screen from their different devices, interacting around a question, a thinking prompt etc. It gives quiet students a voice – where they might prefer to write a response than speak it.


  5. So cool, because it could even entice me a little closer to teaching…. but No, on second thoughts, I much prefer working in my own business. Check out my funeral celebrant page on FB to see my latest adventure. Cheers and blessings!


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