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Learning, Learning, Learning not Apps, Apps, Apps

Daniel Edwards writes on his ‘…blog [which] chronicles the trials and tribulations of 1:1 iPad deployment in a large secondary school:


‘An app on its own is like a thinker without thoughts!’

‘…It may be the nature of the beast that apps alone form the basis for conversations about new technology in the classroom. However, the success of tablet provision in the classroom is NOT underpinned solely by apps…alll too often I see reference to ‘look how I can present these words across a picture to engage my students!’ or ‘Check out how this random name app selects my students.’ Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure these opportunities have a place as part of the process, but they certainly aren’t a reason to use tablets in the classroom. The power of learning with new technology lies with the teacher and the ability to choose the appropriate tool for the right intention. Moreover, success directly relates to the relationships between learner and educator, and the learner and learning…’ 

(Emphasis mine)

Read Daniel’s full post here: Learning, Learning, Learning not Apps, Apps, Apps

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More SAMR! An Infographic from Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist

GrafioTwitter is a wonderful thing for developing one’s personal learning network! One ‘connects’ with many great educators out there in social media world. One such person is Mark Anderson, from North Somerset, UK.

On his blog ictevangelist.com Mark posted a very useful SAMR infographic. Check it out. It will be useful for you to evaluate your eLearning pedagogy and the technology tools you use with your students. By the way, Mark says he created the chart using Grafio iPad app