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Thinking and Writing Ideas in ASV’s Tumblr – London 1908

I just published this visual thinking prompt in ASV’s Thinking and Writing Ideas Tumblr.
In our Tumblr blog you can find more London 2012 Olympic-themed visual prompts that teachers could use with their students during the next 2 weeks of the olympic games to develop students’ looking, thinking and responding skills – whether that’s by writing, speaking, using ICT, art etc.
Images are reblogged from other Tumblr blogs, with thinking prompts courtesy of Tom March and Visible Thinking. Check the others out here. (Scroll down.)



Former Guardian journalist Emil Voigt, a wiry vegetarian from Manchester, stunned his rivals at the London Games of 1908 by storming to victory in the five mile race and becoming the first – and only – Briton to win a long-distance individual gold medal. Photograph: Emil Voigt Collection

Voigt, who reported from Europe for the Guardian between 1905 and 1906 before returning to Manchester to write on sport, was on the verge of retiring from competitive athletics in 1908 when he made a last-ditch decision to take part just six weeks before the opening ceremony.

Then – London Olympics – 1908:

This image shows the 1908 London Olympics athletics track, an athlete, probably some officials and in the background the ‘stadium’.

Now – London Olympics – 2012:

Over the next 2 weeks TV cameras, newspaper photographers and people like us using the Internet will publish images of the 2012 London Olympic venues for all the world to see.

Compare and Contrast

Search for images of the 2012 venues, especially the athletics stadium, track and athletes and compare and contrast the 2012 image to this 1908 photo. Also Compare and contrast the text attached to this and your image collection.

  1. What differences and similarities do you see between the venues shown in the images?
  2. What differences do you discover from the text?
  3. Use a Venn diagram to record your discoveries.

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Australia at the London Olympics – 2012

Click on the image above to visit the Official Australian Olympic Team Website

Explore the pages, and have fun!