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TECHexpress Episode 19 with Lynda Cutting and Craig Dunstan is out!

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Caine’s Arcade 2 – Global Cardboard Challenge, Oct 6 2012

From a door handle to a Fun Pass!

Here is the sequel to ‘Caine’s Arcade‘ – one year on!

After you view this video use this prompt to reflect on what you’ve seen and heard.

What Makes You Say That?

  1. What’s going on a year after the creation and discovery Caine’s arcade?
  2. What do you see and hear that makes you say that?

Link to the first Caine’s Arcade Vimeo video

How could your school get involved in the Global cardboard Challenge?


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Circle – Phil’s Provocations: Creative Spaces in Schools – Nov. 2011

Circle - Phil's Provocations

By Dr Philip SA Cummins

In light of a conversation with several colleagues recently about engaging students in integrated learning this article is indeed thought provoking. Is the issue of engagement and motivation about our students as learners, or about we as learning facilitators? Or some of both?

‘Creativity is not something that just happens in art and music rooms; students want to be challenged to think creatively, show enterprise and innovate in all aspects of their learning. Our solutions, themselves, need to be grounded in a clear understanding of the conditions under which creativity flourishes. And we need to enable the adults involved in the process as much latitude and support as we give to the children with whom they are working…’

Dr Cummins goes on to write under the headings:

Students’ beliefs about creativity in school, Teachers’ beliefs about creativity in school, Leading and cultivating a creative staff, Defining a creative curriculum, A school culture that nurtures difference, The fear response to creativity amongst teachers, Thus, what is the creative space in our schools?

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