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There’s More Than One Way to Flip a Classroom – Digital Education – Education Week

I’ve had a few conversations with colleagues lately about the concept of flipped classrooms, so I will make a couple of posts that provide some thoughts about this style of learning. Here’s the first article, written by Katie Ash, published in the Education Week blog http://blogs.edweek.org on June 26 2012, with the full version accessible from the linked article title here:

There’s More Than One Way to Flip a Classroom – Digital Education – Education Week.

‘In a packed session this afternoon at ISTE 2012 here in San Diego, a panel of nine educators, as well as two moderators presented their ideas and experiences with “flipping” their classrooms.

The session was led by Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann, two chemistry teachers who pioneered the flipped learning model back in 2006. The pair recently co-wrote a book, published by ISTE and ASCD, called Flip Your Classroom.

Defining what “flipping your classroom” meant was the first topic of conversation, which proved to be somewhat more difficult than you might expect. In fact, the reason the panel consisted of nine educators, instead of two or three, was precisely to demonstrate that there were many different ways to effectively flip a classroom…’ Read more

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