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Why All Teachers are teachers of ICT Skills…

The new Australian Curriculum intends that all teachers work towards embedding Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in all learning areas for which they have responsibility. ICT becomes a General Capability for all teaching and learning – for students and teachers.

It is the responsibility of all teachers, when planning for learning and teaching, to consider why, when and how technology and its tools might assist in enhancing and increasing students’ learning achievement, assist students engagement, allow students to be creative, to collaborate, to become problem solvers, and to develop their critical thinking skills, among other digital literacies. 

I believe Jeff Utecht, in his blog ‘The Thinking Stick’ supports this thinking in his writing: 

‘Really? It’s my job to teach technology? 

Read Jeff’s post here:


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’10 Ways to Disrupt Successfully’ – Leadership Freak blog

Last year during a keynote at ACEL I came across the concept of Responsible Disruption! This post which explores the concept of Successful Dispuption is reblogged from Leadership Freak (including the graphic)! 

The post is certainly worth reading and seriously considering! 

What are your thoughts on being a Disruptive Leader?

‘Embrace the power of disruption or tomorrow will be today, again. More of the same produces more of the same. 

All leaders disrupt.’

‘Successful disruption:
Disruption makes new futures possible. But, disruption “gone wild” destroys your capacity to build the future. Too much disruption irritates and aggravates. People make fun of the “innovation of the day,” for example…’

Read more: 10 Ways to Disrupt Successfully

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TECHexpress Episode 19 with Lynda Cutting and Craig Dunstan is out!

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Neuroscience of Leadership: Are you causing people pain?

This is short article on the Neuroscience of Leadership is worth reading and noting.

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More SAMR! An Infographic from Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist

GrafioTwitter is a wonderful thing for developing one’s personal learning network! One ‘connects’ with many great educators out there in social media world. One such person is Mark Anderson, from North Somerset, UK.

On his blog ictevangelist.com Mark posted a very useful SAMR infographic. Check it out. It will be useful for you to evaluate your eLearning pedagogy and the technology tools you use with your students. By the way, Mark says he created the chart using Grafio iPad app


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From Circle: Why Are We Slow To Use Technology In Schools? By Greg Mitchell

20120531-061256.jpgGreg Mitchell introduces his post with what may be an all-to-familiar scenario:

“Now everyone, copy down all of these notes as you will need them for Friday’s mock exam,” instructed the teacher with a sweeping gesture across a whiteboard covered with neat black writing.

It was a simple enough direction for a Year 10 English class. However one student didn’t seem to believe it applied to him.

“Which part of ‘everyone’ don’t you get?” his teacher quizzed, using his second best sneering technique.

“Oh,” the student grunted, coming back into orbit with a bump. He fished deep in his pocket and produced his well-worn mobile phone.

Click! Click! Click!

“I’ve just emailed them home,” he said, peering into the screen. “What do you want me to do now?”

“Give me your phone,” the teacher replied, ramping up to the sneer he reserved for road rage, “It’s confiscated!”

Is this scenario a familiar one?

Read more here:



SAMR Model for Integrating Technology into Learning and Teaching

Lynda Cutting, Senior National Partnership Advisor with Independent Schools Victoria , has written a short post to describe in simple terms the SAMR Model.

She writes:

…Like any tool, the power in this model is how it helps us create the best possible learning opportunities for our students. That means the first question is “what do I want my students to learn?” Then we can use the SAMR model to help us decide what app we can use to support our goal…


There is also lots more on Lynda’s Appsadaisy blog to do with iPads and apps, teachers and students!

Lynda also co-presents with Craig, the  TECHexpress podcasts Episode 15 has just been released.

Here she explains the purpose of this blog:

TECHexpress is a podcast for busy teachers as they integrate ICT into their practice. We know how much teachers need to fit into a day so our podcasts will only be about 10 minutes long.

Each episode includes a discussion about a Web 2 tool to use in the classroom and a quick tip or tool that you might like to try.