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This askatechteacher link has a comprehensive list of coding sites for teachers to use during Hour of Code! Very useful!


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Why All Teachers are teachers of ICT Skills…

The new Australian Curriculum intends that all teachers work towards embedding Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in all learning areas for which they have responsibility. ICT becomes a General Capability for all teaching and learning – for students and teachers.

It is the responsibility of all teachers, when planning for learning and teaching, to consider why, when and how technology and its tools might assist in enhancing and increasing students’ learning achievement, assist students engagement, allow students to be creative, to collaborate, to become problem solvers, and to develop their critical thinking skills, among other digital literacies. 

I believe Jeff Utecht, in his blog ‘The Thinking Stick’ supports this thinking in his writing: 

‘Really? It’s my job to teach technology? 

Read Jeff’s post here:


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‘Science is for everyone, kids included’ – TED

Primary school students have their work published in a scientific journal!

From my standpoint as a Christian educator I disagree with the evolutionary presuppositions at the basis of the learnings of the students in this TED video, nevertheless it is an awesome example of what students (in this case Primary students) can achieve when they are encouraged by their teachers and facilitators to inquire into a question that they (the students) develop and want to explore.

It should be noted that their quest to be published took many more months than their inquiry! Because they were child scientists 😦

I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching the video, and will consider some more the value of Inquiry-based Learning, the value of persisting through all aspects of  any journey, and the importance of valuing our childrens’ learnings!


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‘Exploring Sustainability in Our School’ – Nunawading Christian College Primary, an ASV School

Teachers and students at Nunawading Christian College – Primary School have been exploring the concept of Sustainability. The video they produced shows some reflections on their learning.

Helen Reed, P-6 Learning and Teaching Coordinator  at NCCP writes about their initiatives.

‘Every Friday afternoon for the past few months, Year Prep/One and Year Two students at Nunawading Christian College, along with parent helpers, have been involved in a number of hands-on sustainability activities.  These activities have included planting hundreds of native and indigenous plants, cleaning out the school chook yard, establishing an orchard, creating additional vegetable gardens, making a worm farm, and cooking using fresh produce from their vegetable plots.  The students loved these activities and all agreed that Friday afternoons were the best time of the week.

The students from the Year Four/Five class have been focussing on the environment too.  They have been active in keeping the local creeks free of litter and have run initiatives such as ‘Nude Food Day’ and have organised an energy saving competition for all the classes in the primary school.

Nunawading Christian College is committed to operating in a sustainable way.  This commitment has seen the recent installation of 37 solar panels, water tanks with a storage capacity of 500,000 litres and a significant reduction of waste going into landfill.  The school community is proud of their achievements and are happy to provide further details to those who may be interested…’

Teacher Israel Best worked with students to produce the video.

Do you have a QR Reader on your Smartphone? Scan the codes below to add the School details to your address book of your Smartphone.

Nunawading Christian College – Primary School


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Celebrating Teacher Learning: Justin Martin reflects on his 2012 PL Journey with Web 2.0

The Action Research-based (AR) whole-school teacher professional learning cycle at one of our schools – Gilson College – culminates each year in a Celebrate Teachers’ Learning day, where 12 staff members are asked to present about their current learning and its effect for their development as teachers, and the results for their students. This year the school celebrated the day on Monday, October 8.
During 2012 Year 4 teacher, Justin Martin investigated use of Web 2.0 with his students. Part of his creative AR presentation included a song. The video and words are posted here. Thanks Justin for permission to share.

Justin writes:
I wrote this song for a presentation I did as part of Action Research at my school. I was able to present in any style I wanted and so I re-wrote ‘Vincent’ by Don McLean. The COWS mentioned in the song stands for Computers On Wheels which we use at the school…not actual moo cows. Hope you enjoy.

Web 2.0

(to the tune of ‘Vincent’ by Don McLean)
Using IT right
 That’s what I set out to do
 Reading, thinking, playing too
 Learning as I go along.
 Talked with all my group
Worked out what I wanted to find,
Twitter, wordle, wikis, blogs
And other Web 2.0 tools!
Now I understand
What all these things do for me,
I know these will help my pedagogy.
The kids will learn and all is good.
They did not listen,
They did not know how!
Perhaps they’ll listen now.
Looked round at different blogs,
Found one I liked the look of:
www dot kidblog dot org
Messed around a bit.
Posted different things,
Not really knowing what to do
Mistakes there were quite a few
But I’m glad I persevered!
Now I understand
What all these things do for me,
I know these will help my pedagogy.
The kids will learn and all is good.
They did not listen,
They did not know how
I hope they’ll listen now!
Some problems that I faced:
Kids not knowing what to post,
So I let them go I gave them rope,
And really let them have a lot of fun!
COWS had minds of their own,
The internet was really slow,
Children could not get it at home,
And so I had to work with what I had!
Now they understand
Why they do these things for me
It helps with their pedagogy
They are learning and all is good.
They started listening
They are  listening still,
I hope they always will!
Thank you Gruen

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QR Codes – More fun!


You may already know much about QR codes, or have learnt more in my last QR Code post.

Nevertheless, to learn more about QR Codes and how they can be used in learning and teaching, use your smartphone or tablet QR reader to scan these codes Links to some simple to follow tips.

You don’t have a QR reader on your device? I’m sure you can use your favourite browser to find the most suitable app for your device! Consider downloading a suitable app and then explore here to see what QR codes are all about. Once you do you’ll see them everywhere! Happy QR coding 🙂

QR Codes - Part 1QR Codes - Part 2Audio QR Codes

And this last one is a ‘Thank you’ link to the source author’s website, which you’ve probably found by now!

Tech Tips of the Week

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Caine’s Arcade 2 – Global Cardboard Challenge, Oct 6 2012

From a door handle to a Fun Pass!

Here is the sequel to ‘Caine’s Arcade‘ – one year on!

After you view this video use this prompt to reflect on what you’ve seen and heard.

What Makes You Say That?

  1. What’s going on a year after the creation and discovery Caine’s arcade?
  2. What do you see and hear that makes you say that?

Link to the first Caine’s Arcade Vimeo video

How could your school get involved in the Global cardboard Challenge?