Learning and Teaching at Gilson College

Learning for living, Character for life, Hope for the Future

Why this blog?



The aim of this blog is to link Gilson College leaders and teachers, from time to time, to research, articles and videos etc. on educational and spiritual issues that may stimulate and provoke their interest and thinking to enhance their practice as well as their students’ academic and practical achievements and spiritual development.

Our leaders may find that some of these ideas will be valuable for use in their professional learning sessions with their staff. Teachers may find information about the use of Web 2.0 tools, resources and ideas that may assist them to integrate ICT into all areas of learning and teaching in their classrooms, as well as ideas for embedding Christian values and special character themes in their classroom communities of faith and learning.

Teachers particularly, from the link to my Tumblr page, will see some digital stimuli and related thinking prompts ideas that may provoke them to develop similar thought-provoking stimuli for use with their students around their teaching and learning themes.

The ‘Look to Learn’ prompts are reposted from the website of Tom March. Some extra thinking routines are taken from the Visible Thinking website, and the book ‘Making Visible Thinking’ by Ritchhart, Church and Morrison, a copy of which was given to all ASV teachers at 2012 ASVAC. At Gilson College we endeavour to also supply this book to all teachers new to the college since then.

The blog is quite experimental as I continue to learn how to use such a tool as a blog like this, as well as a number of other Web 2.0 tools like Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter to enhance learning and teaching, and professional learning.

I trust you will enjoy exploring this blog! Comments are very welcome!

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