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Listen Up! To anyone under 30 Who has #Leadership Aspirations

I wonder what language tics I have? Do you have a language tic? This brief post shows how one’s unconscious use of a language tic or three might leave a negative impression on potential employers! Worth a read.

Thinking is Hard Work

If you are under 30, or you have loved ones under 30, please listen up. I decided to end my long relationship with the motor vehicle this year, as a kind of one year test: life without a car.  As a result, I’ve been taking the bus to school. This particular bus is loaded with undergraduates chatting freely to each other. So of course, I eavesdrop, mainly because it is fun. What I hear worries me.

Here is my message for our aspiring leaders. Stop using the words like, totally and so.  Now there is nothing wrong about the words like, totally and so. However, if they are used as a substitute for thought, they make you sound kind of innocent, unsophisticated, uneducated and young. You know what I’m talking about, comments such as, “She like, told him off, like.” or “He was totally drunk last night”, or “She sounded…

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