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’10 Ways to Disrupt Successfully’ – Leadership Freak blog

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Last year during a keynote at ACEL I came across the concept of Responsible Disruption! This post which explores the concept of Successful Dispuption is reblogged from Leadership Freak (including the graphic)! 

The post is certainly worth reading and seriously considering! 

What are your thoughts on being a Disruptive Leader?

‘Embrace the power of disruption or tomorrow will be today, again. More of the same produces more of the same. 

All leaders disrupt.’

‘Successful disruption:
Disruption makes new futures possible. But, disruption “gone wild” destroys your capacity to build the future. Too much disruption irritates and aggravates. People make fun of the “innovation of the day,” for example…’

Read more: 10 Ways to Disrupt Successfully

Author: Sandra England

Learning & Teaching Coordinator F-12 at Gilson College, an Adventist Schools Victoria school. Twitter: @GCLandT or @sandy_e

One thought on “’10 Ways to Disrupt Successfully’ – Leadership Freak blog

  1. This is certainly a positive approach that needs to be embraced. All too often those that think outside the box are silenced by the majority who are unwilling to engage in anything other than the tried and trusted methods that are already in practice. Without change there can be no improvement.


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