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Neuroscience of Leadership: Are you causing people pain?

This is short article on the Neuroscience of Leadership is worth reading and noting.

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More SAMR! An Infographic from Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist

GrafioTwitter is a wonderful thing for developing one’s personal learning network! One ‘connects’ with many great educators out there in social media world. One such person is Mark Anderson, from North Somerset, UK.

On his blog ictevangelist.com Mark posted a very useful SAMR infographic. Check it out. It will be useful for you to evaluate your eLearning pedagogy and the technology tools you use with your students. By the way, Mark says he created the chart using Grafio iPad app


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From Circle: Why Are We Slow To Use Technology In Schools? By Greg Mitchell

20120531-061256.jpgGreg Mitchell introduces his post with what may be an all-to-familiar scenario:

“Now everyone, copy down all of these notes as you will need them for Friday’s mock exam,” instructed the teacher with a sweeping gesture across a whiteboard covered with neat black writing.

It was a simple enough direction for a Year 10 English class. However one student didn’t seem to believe it applied to him.

“Which part of ‘everyone’ don’t you get?” his teacher quizzed, using his second best sneering technique.

“Oh,” the student grunted, coming back into orbit with a bump. He fished deep in his pocket and produced his well-worn mobile phone.

Click! Click! Click!

“I’ve just emailed them home,” he said, peering into the screen. “What do you want me to do now?”

“Give me your phone,” the teacher replied, ramping up to the sneer he reserved for road rage, “It’s confiscated!”

Is this scenario a familiar one?

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