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Using TED to Teach Presentation Skills – Kate Petty

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On her blog ‘The Tech Classroom – 21st Century English Classroom’ Kate Petty writes:

What is TED? TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is a non-profit organization devoted to sharing “Ideas Worth Spreading.” The first TED conference was in Monterrey, CA in 1984 and the ideas have not stopped flowing.
Why is TED so popular? Many educators and professionals find the 3-20 minute speeches authentic and high-interest with diverse speakers who have various presentation styles.
What can TED do for your classroom? TED speeches are available through its website on Ted.com, YouTube, and an app for all devices, including iOS. Teachers can use TED to teach and develop dynamic presentation skills using the videos it offers.

Kate offers some resources there also and some suggestions for speeches if TED access is not available at your school.

Leaders, you might want to pass this URL on to your English teachers.

Author: Sandra England

Learning & Teaching Coordinator F-12 at Gilson College, an Adventist Schools Victoria school. Twitter: @GCLandT or @sandy_e

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