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ISV TechExpress Podcasts – Episode 1

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Podcasting on the use of ICT in the classroom

Lynda Cutting and Craig Dunstan, are Senior Advisors for Independent Schools Victoria‘s Smart Schools National Partnerships program and have been working with leaders and teachers in the areas of literacy and numeracy in Victorian independent schools, including some of our schools.

They recently began to podcast about how teachers can use ICT in their classrooms. These series is titled Techexpress.

I want to share these Techexpress podcasts with our teachers in the ASV Teachers ICT showcase blog, but thought I’d share this first episode here also so that principals, deputies and heads of school can know about this initiative too.

Surveys, copyright-free images, Angry Birds apps in education; each of these is spoken about in this first episode.

Lynda and Craig have a related blog as well, to which they refer in the podcast. (See link below)

In their blog you will find links to the resources they talk about in the podcasts. Readers can also comment of course, and in doing that may also refer to related tools that they have found useful in their classrooms.

Lynda and Craig have asked (by email) their first podcast listeners to submit have any ideas that they could podcast on in the future. If you do have a suggestion, please visit their blog and add a comment to their post.

Episode 1-Our very first episode.


Author: Sandra England

Learning & Teaching Coordinator F-12 at Gilson College, an Adventist Schools Victoria school. Twitter: @GCLandT or @sandy_e

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