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Navigating the HTML code keys on the ‘WordPress for iPad’ keyboard

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With apologies to those who think I’m stating the obvious in this post!

While I am enjoying experimenting with creating my blog entries on my iPad2 using the iPad WordPress app, I am HTML Code illiterate, so I didn’t understand the use of some of the keys on the app keyboard. While many may know this coding, I am posting here for those who like me, may not immediately understand the function of these iOS keys either, but would like to, in order that they can also experiment with updating their blogs using their iPads.

I discovered fairly quickly what the b, I, link, del and quote keys on the keyboard mean and how they can be used, but I didn’t find it at all intuitive for the ul, ol, li keys. So I did the universal thing and searched for these terms on the Internet!
I found a ‘How to…’ on the HTML GOODIES website:

Go to the So You Want Indents and Lists, Huh! page.

A really useful blog, also with many interesting posts about using ICT with iPads is WANDERING ACADEMIC:

This page Basic HTML Tutorial. on that blog is especially helpful for coding:
(The quote below from ‘HTML Goodies’ has been ‘Quote’ indented and Italisised using the quote and I keys on the iOS keyboard)

‘Bulleted [and Numbered] lists:

  • ul stands for Unordered List. It means bullets will be used to list items
  • ol stands for Numbered List. It means numbers will be used to list items
  • li stands for List Items, [i.e. the words or sentences to be bulleted or numbered]…’

Here is my first try at a making a numbered list using the iOS keyboard codes:

  1. This is number one
  2. This is number two
  3. This is number three

I also want to be able to centre text when working in the iPad app so I’ll explore more and post again if I find out how to do it easily.

So HAPPY BLOGGING with WordPress for iPad

Author: Sandra England

Learning & Teaching Coordinator F-12 at Gilson College, an Adventist Schools Victoria school. Twitter: @GCLandT or @sandy_e

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